Virtual office / Secretarial support

The purpose of the offer is to get to know the breadth of our services with the lowest possible cost. Whether you are a businessman or self-employed, in times of economic crisis you are looking for smart ways to save time and money. And because many times you just have to work smart, not hard, virtual office services is a smart choice.

The virtual office service is basically an outsourcing model that assigns to a third partner the electronic and telephone communication with your customers and various other practical issues. Essentially, with the virtual office service the company/the self-employed acquires a conventional secretary who is away – outside the company’s head quarters, providing her services from a distance.

Why you may need virtual office services

The reasons are many. Indicatively, we mention the following:

  • 1. You are self-employed (doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect, consultant, insurance agent, etc.) and do not have time to serve all your customers.
  • 2. You run a small business and can not afford the costof an exclusive secretarial support (services and infrastructure)
  • 3. Professionally you are activeonlyduring certain months oftheyear, so itis not in your interest to employpermanent staff.
  • 4. You have an e-shop and you need assistance in receiving your customers’ orders, managing their complaints, as well as informing them on the availability of the products they are interested in or their order status.

What are the benefits for the self-employed/ business?

Abroad the virtual office services have been provided for decades while in our country the service is relatively new. The benefits from the use of quality virtual office service by My Office can be multiple. Some of these are:

  • The significantly lower operating cost in comparison to a full or part time secretary. Indicatively, we mention that the annual cost of providing these services in a small business, is equivalent to approximately a gross monthly salary that a conventional secretary would receive. May be even two salaries if a large service package is provided.
  • The prestige and image of a small business are enhanced.
  • The optimal scheduling of meetings and appointments is ensured.
  • A wide variety of services is provided in extended working hours – even every day, every hour (16x7x365) – and through all possible communication channels (telephone, fax, email, sms).
  • The self-employed / businessman is relieved from the completion of time consuming secretarial services, like the handling of telephone communication, sending and receiving fax and sending email and sms and organization/management of appointment agenda.
  • Valuable time is saved for the more efficient management of the subscriber’s e-shop, ensuring the smoothest flow of every process.

Specifically, the support by My Office is offered by:

  • 1. Handling of incoming calls with receiving – filtering – handling – forwarding, answers/information/instructions to callers/receiving customers’ messages-requests from trained and experienced telephone operators.
  • 2. Handling of outgoing calls to update clientele, manage/update databases – subscribers – customer contracts, overdue payment reminder to your customers, etc.
  • 3. Calendar organization to manage your appointments’ agenda in our online interactive application or Gmail Calendar.
  • 4. Management of internet applications of our subscriber for handling projects, e-shop orders, customer service, complaint recording and problem solving, such as missing or blocking their password.
  • 5. As well as typing, transcription – translation of documents, creating presentations – Letters – Reports etc.

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    5** 239 360 0,75
    6** 389 600 0,70
    7** 599 1.000 0,65

    * Once your prepaid calls credit has been used
    ** At monthly plans 6 & 7 business hours are Monday – Sunday 08:00 – 24:00


    Monday to Sunday 08:00-24:00 (16 hours x 7) 19€ / month
    SMS 1 credit (160 characters) 0,10€
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    Business hours for ours subscribers are Monday – Sunday 08:00-24:00 For information and new member subscription, please contact us Monday – Sunday 09:00–21:00.

    • (1) Automatic upgrade (per monthly bill) to a higher plan if it results in a lower charge for you. Please refer* to «PRICING POLICY MY OFFICE»
    • Additional charges apply for extending service hours to 16hrs/day x 7 days
    • My Office gives you the option of per minute or fixed charge calls. Following a trial period we evaluate your calls and help you to pick the best plan to suit your business needs. We also provide our longterm customers with the option of a fixed monthly charge, regardless of length or number of calls. Please contact us to discuss the optimal subscription packet which suit your needs.
    • To join, our subscribers pay a deposit of 1,5 times the monthly flat rate for the selected plan.
    • There is a minimum subscription period for clients that make use of the free trial period and then decide to continue. There is a month minimum subscription period for clients that join My Office without making use of the free trial period.