Transcription Services

Do you have in your tape recorder the interview that you just got, the conference proceedings or even your own narrative? And now who will spend time to hear the tape and transport them in Word; Exactly. Transcription requires concentration, timing and precision.

The “bet” for each transcription is the precise conversion of the audio file to text without the words losing their expressiveness and power.

In My Office we are aware of that and this is what we do. We can transcript any audio file in Greek or English language in the form and time you want.

We undertake the transcription of:

  • Narratives
  • Any type of audio file (in CD, cassette, Wav, mp3 etc.)
  • Speeches
  • Meeting proceedings
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Telephone conferences.

Because transcription requires knowledge and experience, we invite you to try us. How? Bring us your file and we’ll undertake for FREE the transcription of a sample of it.

  • If you are satisfied and you assign your project to us (for audio files over 5 hours), we will print it, book bind it with care and send it for FREE directly to your workspace.
  • If, on the other hand, you are fond of digital technology, we send the file to your place on a CD.

In My Office we provide professional and reliable services on time and affordable pricing (from 40 € / hour).

We are available 16 hours daily (Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 24:00).

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Service Fee


Plan Cost € / hour of audio file Hours of sound file (from – to)
1 49 1-2
2 45 3-5
3 43 6-10
4 40 11 – 20

* Per minute charge based on the duration of the audio files

French → French

Plan Cost € / hour of audio file Hours of audio file (from – to)
1 79 1-2
2 75 3-5
3 73 6-10
4 70 11 – 20

* Per minute charge based on the duration of the audio files

  • Transcription / typing of Audio files in Greek, English and French
  • Discount policy for larger volume Transcription Plans: (Higher plans have a successively lower hourly rate as shown on table above)
  • Cassettes, CDs, DVDs or USB Sticks are delivered to our offices or via e-mail for audio file.
  • Transcription of dictated files via MyOffice voice mail dictation option
  • Transcribed copy in MS Word file is emailed to you
  • Delivery time depends on the duration, speech rate, the recording quality of the audio files, as well as on our availability during the requested delivery period
  • Usual delivery: for an audio file of one hour → 1 working day
  • Prepay additional hourly blocks of transcription, with no expiration date, and save money!
  • Final cost is specified upon receiving the audio files, verifying their duration and assessing the quality of the recording. In case of discrepancy regarding duration and quality compared to the initial estimation, the cost will be recalculated and a revised financial offer will be sent for approval.
  • For audio files exceeding 5 hours we offer a CD or a binded booklet of the transcript for free.
  • All prices and charges are subject to 24% VAT