Time increment billing of client-to-business phone calls

Do you provide telephone consultation to your clients? If so, we recommend using premium numbers, which you can charge your customers per minute.

Your clients wishing to contact you, will call a specific number (form 9011 40xxxx) which will be activated by us and will belong exclusively to you. Their call through the systems of MyOffice will be diverted to the urban phone number of your call center that you indicate to us.

Your clients, after being informed of the impending charge, will choose to continue or not. In this way you achieve two things:

  • “filtered” calls: If you are, for example, a lawyer or consultant, you know very well how annoying it is to receive unwanted calls. With the time increment billing service, the one who calls you listens toll-free the relative informational message and if he is really interested, continues his call.
  • By telephone consultation service, you have the flexibility to serve your customers from a distance, earning income.

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