Plan Fixed Fee in €/month (1) Monthly Free Calls/month (inbound /outbound calls) Extra charges in €/call*
1 29 30 0,99
2 49 60 0,89
3 89 120 0,85
4 169 240 0,80
5 239 360 0,75
6** 389 600 0,70
7** 599 1000 0,65

* Once your prepaid calls credit has been used
** At monthly plans 6 & 7 business hours are Monday – Sunday 08:00 – 24:00

Monday to Sunday 08:00-24:00 (16 hours x 7) 19€ / month
SMS (160 characters) 0,10€
Telecom charges outbound & forwarding calls
Landlines Greece Mobile Phones Greece International Calls / per zone
0,03 € / min 0,09 € / min Based on ΟΤΕ price list

All prices and charges are subject to 24% VAT

  • (1) Automatic upgrade (per monthly bill) to a higher plan if it results in a lower charge for you. Please refer* to «PRICING POLICY MY OFFICE»
  • Additional charges apply for extending service hours to 16hrs/day x 7 days
  • Discount policy for larger volume Secretarial support Plans: (Higher plans have a successively lower rate per call as shown on table above)
  • My Office gives you the option of per minute or fixed charge calls. Following a trial period we evaluate your calls and help you to pick the best plan to suit your business needs. We also provide our longterm customers with the option of a fixed monthly charge, regardless of length or number of calls. Please contact us to discuss the optimal subscription packet which suit your needs.
  • To join, our subscribers pay a deposit of 1,5 times the monthly flat rate for the selected plan.

There is a minimum subscription period for clients that make use of the free trial period and then decide to continue. There is a month minimum subscription period for clients that join My Office without making use of the free trial period.

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