Mass SMS campaigns

Your attention is always focused on your customers? Well done. The challenge for any business, and for us, is to maintain or increase the existing clientele and its satisfaction at any time and moment.

But how can I increase my sales?

The answer is that doesn’t require much effort but… the right way. One of these ways is the mass SMS campaigns (SMS marketing/bulk messaging).

Think: Who does not have a mobile phone today?

Sending an SMS is an easy, direct, fast and very suitable means of promoting products to the consumer/client.

What we offer in MyOffice

Knowledge – experience – cooperation with experienced copywriters. Why? Because we want the message that will be created for you, to be adjusted to the needs of your campaign and to attract the attention of your customers. We do not “spam” but.. we “Tagg” your customers.

By reaching targeted contacts of a selected list, the mass SMS campaign is designed in such a way by MyOffice so that:

  • It promotes products and services that you want, to the existing clientele.
  • It attracts new customers, for new products and services.
  • You Keep “warm” and live your relationship with your existing clientele. In what way? By creating an efficient and discreet follow-up campaign after direct-mail, events and other promotional activities that you have previously done.

Are you ready? Come find us (available 16 hours daily Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 24:00) and start your “campaign”!

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    Service Fee

    BULK SMS PLANS (one off)

    Plan Cost per credit € Sending SMS credits
    1 0,060 500 – 999
    2 0,050 1.000 – 4.999
    3 0,045 5.000 – 9.999
    4 0,043 10.000 – 19.999
    5 0,042 20.000 – 29.999
    6 0,040 30.000 – 50.000

    The above price list refers to NUMERIC SENDER ID :
    SMS Sender ➔➔ 15 characters per Text

    Plan Cost per credit € Sending SMS credits
    1 0,040 500 – 999
    2 0,035 1.000 – 4.999
    3 0,030 5.000 – 9.999
    4 0,028 10.000 – 19.999
    5 0,027 20.000 – 29.999
    6 0,025 30.000 – 50.000

    The above price list refers to NUMERIC SENDER ID :
    SMS Sender ➔➔ number (except COSMOTE network that is text)

    My Office implements SMS campaign.

    • Sending up to 160 characters of text (including spaces). Extra charges apply if 160 characters are exceeded (credits).
    • Through this service you can buy credits which are used to send SMS (1 credit = 1 SMS)
    • Buy more SMS credits without any expiration date and save money!
    • Unlimited number of recipients
    • Charge of 1 credit to all the providers of the recipients
    • To spend all of your credits, the campaigns must not exceed the number of the package. E.g. package 5 has a maximum of 5 campaigns. If you wish to have more campaigns the charge is 20€/campaign.
    • SMS lists for campaigns should be given to us in an MS Excel file based on specifications outlined by My Office so as to be suitable to import into our IT system.
    • ·The texts that will be used during the campaign should be given in MS Word or Notepad files.
      Statistics – You receive detailed reports for Delivered, Expired, Pending, Queued, Unknown subscriber etc, to help you track & evaluate your campaigns

    All prices and charges are subject to 24% VAT