Mass EMAIL – Newsletter Campaigns

You want to approach effectively your existing and potential clients but you do not know how?

One way is to send informational emails or newsletters.

But how many times you personally haven’t received boring and tedious emails for products or services? The answer is probably “many”.

And because “Content is the King” in My Office we are well aware of that and we do so on your behalf.

Having experienced copywriters and graphic designers, we make sure that your newsletters are read by their recipients and they do not end up in the waste bin.

And why can’t I do it on my own?

By using applications such as the Outlook or Windows Live etc. that are installed on our computer you can send bulk emails.

But the bulk sending of emails bothers the providers, because it is a burden on their network and depending on the sending volume, they interrupt the delivery or even the ability to send emailfrom your account as their subscribers.

By assigning us to send mass emails, to a customer list selected by you, you do not run these risks.

And finally… what do I win?

The answer lies in a key word for your business: sales.

With mass emails campaigns you achieve:

  • Promotion of products / services to existing clientele.
  • Attracting clients to promote new products / services.
  • Maintenance – activating of existing clientele.
  • Follow-up to direct mail, events and other promotional activities.

Expression of Interest

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Service Fee


Plan Cost € Packets of Emails (credits)
1 60 1.000
2 90 2.500
3 110 5.000
4 195 10.000
5 240 25.000
6 420 50.000

* Through this service you can buy credits which are used to send emails (1 credit = 1 email)
* Buy and send more email credits with no expiration date and save money!
* Alternatively, you can add campaigns to use all your remaining credits, for an extra € 40 charge per campaign

BULK EMAILS / NEWSLETTERS with Monthly Subscription

Plan Fixed Fee in € / month Packets of Emails (credits) / month
1 25 1.000
2 35 1.000 – 2.501
3 50 2.501 – 5.000
4 70 5.001 – 10.000
5 120 10.001 – 25.000
6 190 25.001 – 50.000

* Buy one of the available email packets and save money

My Office fully implements email/newsletter campaigns

  • Unlimited number of recipients
  • You can use your own template, use our free templates, or let us design a template exclusively for you at a predetermined price.
  • Email lists for the campaigns should be provided to us in an MS Office Excel file based on specifications outlined by My Office, so as to be suitable to import into our IT system.
  • Texts used for the campaign should be given us in an MS Word file. Photos (jpeg), logos (jpeg, pdf, tif) and any other graphics (pdf, tif etc.) you wish to be included in your newsletters should be given to us in the relevant file format.
  • Statistics – You receive detailed reports for Opened Emails, Clicks, Spam Complaints, Bounces, Link Activity, Reading Environment and more, to help you track & evaluate your campaigns.

All prices and charges are subject to 24% VAT