FAX campaigns

Have you ever thought of approaching your clients via fax; If not, rethink it for the following reasons:

  • Sending a fax is a direct, fast and effective way to convey the message you want to your client.
  • You can include a sufficient amount of text in the fax in order to achieve an effective advertising campaign.
  • Just because it is printed, the fax draws recipient’s attention. It’s there, in front of him: it is Printed and he sees it.

What we offer at My Office

Apart from packages which are economical and customized to Meet your needs, we are fond of the quality and aesthetic content. Maintaining or increasing your clientele can not be a random process. For this reason we work with experienced copywriters and graphic designers who will “dress” the text with images aiming to achieve the best result for you.

By approaching targeted contacts of a selected list, the fax campaign is designed by MyOffice in such a way that:

  • It promotes products and services of your choice to the existing clientele.
  • It attracts new customers for new products and services.
  • You maintain contact with your clientele: In what way? Making an efficient and discreet follow-up after Direct Mail, events and other promotional activitiesthat you have previously done.

We are available for you 16 hours daily. (Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 24:00). Make a simple ” “dring” … at 210 51 58 500 or fill out the form at Click2Calland we will call you directly! “Fax” if you want to “Fix” your sales!

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Service Fee


Plan Cost € Packets of Sent Faxes (credits)
1 89 Up to 1.000
2 150 2.500
3 276 5.000
4 509 10.000
5 1.190 25.000
6 2.160 50.000
7 3.890 100.000

– Through this service you can buy credits which are used to send faxes (1 credit = 1 fax)
– Buy one of the available faxes packages with more fax credits with no expiration date and save money
– Alternatively, if you want additional campaigns to use all your remaining credits, then there is a additional € 50 charge/ campaign

FAX SERVICE PLANS with Monthly Subscription

Plan Fixed Fee in € / month Packets of Sent Faxes (credits) / month
1 72 Up to 1.000
2 109 1.001 – 2.000
3 249 2.001 – 5.000
4 449 5.001 – 10.000

My Office implements fax campaign

  • Send 1-page of non-personalized text with a maximum sending period of 90’’. Additional stepwise charges apply for sending more than 1 page.
  • Through this service you can buy credits which are used to send faxes (1 credit = 1 fax)
  • Unlimited number of recipients
  • No expiration date
  • Fax lists for your campaigns should be given to us is an MS Excel file based on specifications outlined by My Office so as to be suitable to import into our IT system.
  • The fax texts that will be used during the campaign should be given in MS Word or PDF files.
  • Statistics – You receive detailed reports for successful and failed deliveries to help you track & evaluate your campaigns.

All prices and charges are subject to 24% VAT