Are you a freelance professional and you can’t manage to handle all your clients’ needs?

Do you run a small business? Are you unable to meet the high costs of providing exclusive secretarial support?

Would you prefer to dedicate all your time and attention to working rather than boring procedural issues?

Do you feel you don’t have enough time to get back to all your clients?

Do you frequently forget to send out essential business documents, emails, faxes and SMS, make presentations or simply write letters due to your workload?

Are you lacking the necessary technology?


The work to be done is always more than the time available to do it! ‘My Office’ offers you time and the organisational support you need every day to meet your business needs. This will generate multiple benefits for you:

  • More available time for work on management / development issues
  • You are released from secretarial / executive tasks such as:
  • Scheduling meetings, making / changing / cancelling appointments
  • Keeping a log of phone calls / memos
  • Outsourcing work – issues – orders
  • Responding to queries, problem-solving, issuing instructions
  • Typing, text editing – translation / presentations / letters / reports
  • Handling documents and emails / sending – receiving envelopes, faxes, emails and SMS
  • Information searches
  • PR (cards, gifts, press releases, etc.).
  • More telephone coverage time.
  • You are released from management and staff absence problems (illness, leave, pregnancy, etc.).
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reduced operating costs and equipment expenditure
  • Time pressures evaporate thanks to more rapid handling of operations
  • Improved professional mobility

‘My Office’ is ideal because it offers top quality, immediate, rapid secretarial services whenever you need them, and is irreplaceable because it offers you your own, fully equipped office. Time is now on your side!

In addition to its personnel who offer immediate, personalised service, ‘My Office’ is also innovative in relation to the provision of virtual office services, which were unheard of Greece until now. (to date this service was available via phone and/or fax, which created problems with the timely provision and immediate delivery of information, and therefore the response time and level of service to customers).
It is our web-based virtual office that allows us to provide direct support to remote subscribers using two-way communication: we offer our subscribers round the clock / 365-day a year effective customer relationship management, access to their appointments and customer particulars, the option to record new appointments or cancel existing ones, read faxes, listen to answering machine messages, make in-house phone calls and many other related services.

However, this service is based on top quality training and education, on the flawless know-how and experience of our personnel which enables ‘My Office’ to offer reliable, specialised services at a particularly low cost to a large number of professionals who had no access to such services until now. It liberates the freelance professional and supports businessmen, developing strong professional ties and trust-based relationships.

That’s ‘My Office’!

By opting for ‘My Office’ you receive:

  • Top quality services and treatment from our company’s agents – secretaries who are reliable, discreet, polite and willing.
  • Professionalism thanks to how we select, train, motivate and evaluate our personnel.
  • Modern, tried and tested know-how in providing top quality services.
  • Top level training, experience and management skills of our executives in providing services, customer service and introducing new services.
  • Effective management of your customer contacts.
  • Administrative support with better company organisation and more rapid handling of outstanding issues.
  • Increased productivity by maximising your business’ efficiency and potential.
  • Optimum scheduling of meetings making it possible for you to arrange more meetings.
  • A better reputation and image for your business as a result of your secretarial support and better organisation and customer service.
  • A customer-centred approach with personalised services being offered to you and your clients.
  • High levels of customer satisfaction due to ‘recognisable’ customer service in the form of top class quality and services.
  • Easy to use services for subscribers, with extended business hours and availability.
  • Flexibility and functionality thanks to innovative services with the distribution and supply of secretarial services anywhere any time.
  • Cost savings with lower operating costs compared to a full-time or part-time secretariat.
  • Value added support without limits in terms of the number of call or commitments in terms of staff, office space, etc.
  • Loyalty scheme for our subscribers with a discount policy for long-term relationships.

The virtual office service can fulfill the needs of the self-employed and businesses that do not have the financial ability to hire an exclusive secretary. Despite the current difficult circumstances, it creates new jobs, since companies and individuals now have the possibility of partial secretarial support at low cost.

At the same time, it extends the working hours of secretarial support beyond the conventional 9am – 5pm even in companies that have secretariat. Thus, an employee of virtual office service essentially distributes her time to various businesses that otherwise would not have the privilege of such services. The virtual office service does not compete with the conventional secretariat, but it complements it. It offers new services and creates new jobs, directly and indirectly, by contributing to the productivity of its clients. By choosing My Office the subscribers will have the opportunity to:

  • Enhance their prestige and image because of their secretarial staffing and the better organization and improvement of their service.
  • experience convenience and Comfort with the extended working hours and availability of servicing.
  • have flexibility and functionality since My Office through innovating services with distribution – provision of secretariat services to any place – at any time via Internet, facilitates the mobility of its subscribers.
  • Save costs, with lower operating costs compared to a full or part time secretariat.
  • Support with added value without limits (to calls) and commitments (to personnel, housing facilities, etc.)
  • be relieved of problems related to recruitment, management, training and staff absences, e.g. due to illness, employee leaves etc.

The virtual office service brings increased productivity and thus depreciates its cost in a very short time! Focus on the value and quality of our services, by studying carefully the features and benefits that we provide and you get.

The cost is significantly lower than that of an exclusive secretariat which requires office space, equipment, personnel, maintenance, accounts etc. At the same time, you will not be concerned about employee leaves, absences due to illness etc.

We offer a solution to the economic crisis, because the packages we offer start from 29 € per month, with fixed charge depending on the telephone traffic of each subscriber. Every month, we will send you a detailed account of all individual charges and depending on the use, we will recommend you the best package adjusted to your requirements and needs.

And the 1st month is a free trial period of the virtual office service by My Office.

Think that a lost phone call may be a lost client!

For more information have a look at our virtual office service pricelist on the site which provides explanatory information.

By registering, we provide an exclusive phone number to our subscriber and he diverts to it all the telephone numbers he wishes. He activates or deactivates the diversion whenever he wishes, i.e. whenever he wants or can, and therefore he has full handling of the diversions and, consequently, the handling of his calls from us and, at the same time, of the cost. His communication with partners – clients is continued with the telephone numbers he already owns and with a simple keystroke on his telephone device he diverts his calls to the personal phone number he will be given. He can make the diversion when he does not want to or can not answer, when he is serving other clients and generally when he is not available. Or he may have a permanent diversion so that we can accept his calls as his call center and forward the calls to him (directly) on a regular basis after we inform him and he is available to answer.

In addition, the subscriber can obtain directly an exclusively unique telephone number assigned to him by My Office and which he will notify as his own, and can use it on a business card, advertisement etc.

Afterwards, we activate our service and receive the calls of our subscriber. The call initially comes to our call center where the caller hears the greeting message that we have recorded under the advice of our subscriber. Afterwards, the secretary answers in the manner the subscriber wishes and a dialogue begins in order to serve the caller. At the same time, on the computer screen appear all the instructions the subscriber has given regarding the handling of the calls. Specifically, regarding the management of incoming calls we filter calls, take messages / requests from callers, provide information to callers and answers given to us by our subscriber, we sometimes forward calls (on a regular or an emergency occasion) to the subscriber, we notify him if we deemed it necessary – always according to his own instructions – that it is an emergency and set an appointment based on his schedule and suggestions. In addition, we are processing outgoing calls on request e.g. to inform a partner / client or change an appointment. So, there is a personalized call service for personalized handling by adapting the service to the needs of each subscriber. And it is exactly the service that he would have had if the secretary was in his office. Also, we can manage web applications for our subscriber for handling tasks such as taking orders, customer service, recording complaints etc.

For his information, our subscriber also has many parallel options. Our innovation is the access to an Online Agenda – CRM for PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, with an overview of the incoming calls, fax, voice mails, clientele, appointments and appointment history. This enables him – even on-line or in real time – to be informed about the developments in his office, to monitor key activities (incoming calls and faxes, appointments, clientele) and to respond directly, improving his productivity. Meanwhile, for the handling of incoming / outgoing calls, a list is sent to him including a detailed call record – with day and time of call, identity and contact numbers of the caller and the reason they called – fax, voice mails & appointments up to 7 times / day by email or fax at specific times. Optionally, (at the same time) he can be regularly informed for each call by email or SMS about the basic contact information. For emergency information on matters of urgency we inform directly with calls or SMS or by email, as well as for sudden changes in appointments by SMS or email.

The absence of a personal relationship and contact with the clients of the business we represent indeed may seem like an obstacle to the optimization of communication. However, we have found effective ways to built “bridges” so as to achieve personal contact and give added value to our communication, but also to differentiate from the other Call Centers.

The personalized (or by name) call answering from our secretaries, but also their education and experience, create the conditions for contacts with personal touch with the clients of the businesses we represent. With the suggestion of our customers and our own contribution, we plan specific communication scenarios for each of our client, to ensure the quality of the project and achieve personal contact with their clients. Thus, we provide personalized call handling for each client. On the other hand, the politeness, the willingness, the effectiveness of our representatives / secretaries, as well as our smile, contribute to high quality services.

No. We are much more even though the majority of our services are based on phone calls. ‘My Office’ agents answer your customers’ phone calls providing immediate, personalised, timely, rapid and error-free service.

We offer reliable, professional secretarial support thereby promoting a better picture of your company, supporting better day-to-day operations, saving you both time and money and enabling you to expand.

All the above functions are supported via a modern, state-of-the-art call centre with relies of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology which is interconnected to the CRM.

The call centre and web-based CRM connection provide the means for two-way communication with customers. The web-based CRM is the core of our software system and is vital in supporting our remote customers online.

In practical terms, the CRM allows all dealings between the customer and business to be recorded so that the ‘My Office’ agent who answers the phone calls and talks with a specific customer provides him or her with immediate, personalised, timely, rapid and error-free service. The CRM also gives the business and the call centre the option to analyse the log for each customer to export conclusions about future needs and to schedule in advance to meet those needs.

CTI is the software which connects the call centre to the computers. It offers numerous functions when it comes to allocating incoming and outgoing calls to our agents and provides all the information and statistics needed for calls received or placed by the call centre.

Two-way communication with the customer is an innovative web-based service within the ‘My Office’ suite (Virtual Office with web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM)).

This makes it possible to offer support to remote subscribers online, giving our company’s agent the option to provide direct, personalised, rapid, error-free service to the customer now matter where he is, no matter the time!

It enables:

  • Round the clock access 365 days a year from any computer or PDA with the suitable web interface.
  • Subscriber access to our software system (CRM) to carry out the following functions, any time, anywhere:
  • Access to appointment data (daily, weekly schedule, etc.) and customer particulars;
  • Recording new appointments or rescheduling / cancelling existing ones;
  • Outsourcing projects / issues / orders, placing outgoing calls to customers to make appointments, leave messages, etc.
  • Subscriber phone calls to ‘My Office’
  • Reading faxes and emails (received by us) and documents / presentations (typed up by our secretaries).
  • Listening to call centre messages outside of company business hours.

Our system is designed to offer data protection on multiple levels.

Our staff are strictly vetted.

We do not provide data to advertising companies, marketing companies and so on.

For more information visit: (link – Personal Data Protection Policy on the site which provides explanations about this matter)

Our goal is to build together a long-term cooperative relationship.

Therefore we begin with an offer of confidence which is applicable only for February: Contact us at or fill out the form and get the SPECIAL OFFER “one month for free” for the first 2 months of virtual office Support by My Office!

The purpose of the offer is to experience the breadth of our services with the lowest possible cost.
We relieve the professional, we support the businessman!