E-shop management services

The market is constantly evolving and changing according to the modern needs and technological developments. Therefore, it is no longer surprising that more and more professionals promote their products through online stores. The rapid growth of online stores created new needs for those professionals who have an e-shop for their business.

The main needs that arise are:

  • Regular information of e-shop clients – through newsletters, Viber or SMS, about new products, their description and characteristics as well as about the current offers.
  • Updating the available inventory.
  • Receiving orders.
  • Customer service – Contact (by phone or online) the interested customer who is seeking further information for any of the products.
  • Ensuring the proper daily function of the e-shop and the relative procedures.

Consequently, it is necessary that at least one person must undertake all the above mentioned tasks on a daily basis so that the e-shop of the business to be remain updated and fully functional. What happens in case the e-shop belongs to someone who cannot afford to hire an employee to support the e-shop?

Why does an e-shop need Remote Secretarial Services?

The remote secretarial services of My Office offer the solution! Our experienced staff undertakes the smooth function of the e-shop, keeping it always updated and making sure no questions from potential customers remain unanswered.

In particular, my office secretaries undertake the support of your e-shop, offering the following services:

  • Customer services: Call management, email management regarding the customers and visitors of your e-shop and order handling.
  • Newsletters: Sending newsletters and promotional emails, as well as Viber messages to existing and potential customers, containing offers and reminders.
  • Handling online applications: Order handling, customer service, complaint management and problem solving (e.g. password loss or password locking).
  • Informing customers about requests that have to do with the product stock of your e-shop and their order delivery status.

What do you gain?

At My Office we offer you the daily time and organization you need, in order to meet your business needs. The benefits are numerous:

  • High-quality services from our experienced secretarial representatives, who are characterized by consistency, confidentiality, kindness and willingness.
  • Professionalism, thanks to the selection, training, motivation and evaluation of our human resources, as well as the permanence of our secretarial representatives.
    • Boost your business status by enhancing your professional image and maximizing the reputation of your e-shop/business
  • Increase productivity-efficiency, by significantly reducing operating cost (in comparison with having full time or part time secretarial employees and additional equipment), while increasing your revenue by eliminating missed calls/orders.
  • Extended secretarial working hours, as we work up to 16 hours x 7 days a week x 365 days a year, offering further support for your online visitors.
  • No problems due to mishandling or absence of staff, e.g. due to illness, leave, pregnancy etc.
  • You save time, so that you can:
    • Spend more time on developing your business.
    • Manage your tasks faster, easier, more professionally and more efficiently
    • Improve your management
    • Facilitate your business mobility (due to remote working options)
  • High degree of customer service and satisfaction, due to responsiveness, professional service and efficient management.

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