E-mail Management

You connect to your email account and a “pile” of emails is right there waiting for you?
Put an end to the hassle and assign to us the management of your email.
What we offer with our service:

  • We answer your incoming messages on your behalf
  • We filter – sort your incoming e-mail messages
  • We inform you with aggregate reports
  • We forward specific messages you indicate to us to your customers
  • We accept dictation regarding your answers or the sending of new messages tailored to meet your needs and wishes.

We are available 16 hours daily (Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 24:00) to make your business life easier!

Expression of Interest

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Service Fee

E-MAIL MANAGEMENT PLANS Monthly subscription fee
Pricelist for Monday – Sunday 08:00–22:00 service
Typing of A4 plain text, 18 lines per email, is included

Plan Fixed Fee in €/month (1) Monthly Free Calls/month inbound /outbound emails Extra charges in €/email*
1 29 40 0,75
2 59 90 0,70
3 99 165 0,65
4 175 320 0,60
5 249 500 0,55

* Once your prepaid emails credit has been used
** All prices and charges are subject to 24% VAT

  • (1) Automatic upgrade (per monthly bill) to a higher plan if it results in a lower charge for you.
  • To join, our subscribers pay a deposit of 1,5 times the monthly flat rate for the selected plan.
  • There is a minimum subscription period for clients that make use of the free trial period and then decide to continue. There is a month minimum subscription period for clients that join My Office without making use of the free trial period
  • To provide the service, we need access to your mail server