In Μy Office we offer you the time and the organization you need every day to meet your business needs. You will have multiple benefits.

The 16 most significant reasons to choose our company for remote secretarial services:

  • 01. High quality and customer service from the experienced representatives-secretaries of our company with consistency, confidence, courtesy and willingness.
  • 02. Professionalism, by means of selection, training, motivation and evaluation of our staff and the permanent employment condition of our representatives-secretaries, which means
    • enhancing prestige by means of image development and improvement and maximizing your business reputation
    • satisfying your customers through responsiveness, professionalism and efficient management thereof
  • 03. Lower operating costs compared to Full or Part time secretariat, with monthly fixed fee according to your phone traffic and also optimal meetings scheduling – more appointments, all those translated into
    • reducing operating and equipment costs
    • increasing revenue due to suppression of lost calls/appointments
  • 04. Expanded secretariat working time and thus extension of your operating hours, since we operate 112 hours per week, resulting in

    • service availability, which means convenience-comfort for your customers
    • increased productivity/efficiency and dynamics of your business
  • 05. Around the clock, real time access – 365 days per year to your appointments, calls, fax, voice mails via our website from anywhere, from any computer whatsoever or mobile phone (Smartphone) for interactive service provision, which means
    • facilitating your business mobility (due to mobile access)
    • flexibility-functionality
  • 06. Added value support without limits (in calls) and commitments (in staff, accommodation spaces, etc), providing
    • relief of management and staff absence problems, e.g. due to disease, leaves, pregnancy, etc
  • 07. Administrative support due to faster (or/and relief of) performance of secretarial/executive duties, resulting in
    • time pressure discharge
    • upgrade of your organization
    • faster addressing outstanding issues
  • 08. At the same time, your available time increases, which means that
    • you may invest the ‘gained’ time in further developing your business
    • you do your job faster, easier and in a more professional and efficient way.
  • 09. Our contact centre facilitates full coverage through a variety of media such as telephone, fax, text message, e-mail, letter as well as interactive online applications
    • of all your client contact
  • 10. High degree of satisfaction of our customers due to our «identifiable» service, which provides services of quality and in good prices
    • Releasing the professional, supporting the businessman!

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