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In My Office we provide high-quality remote secretarial services at affordable prices, for professionals and businesses all over Greece.



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Manage all of your incoming and outcoming calls, schedule your appointments, remind your customers of late payments and much more.


  • High-quality services
  • Two-way communication
  • Real time access


  • Provision of a phone number
  • Call history and call logging
  • Regular reports

Other services

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We organize and conduct telemarketing campaigns with a high level of expertise and professionalism.

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    IVR Autodialer Campaign

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    Transcription Services

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Translation Services

Our well-trained professional translators translate and verify your documents.

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    Time increment billing of client-to-business phone calls

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    Document Digitalization Services

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    Are you a freelance professional and you can’t manage to handle all your clients’ needs?

    Do you run a small business? Are you unable to meet the high costs of providing exclusive secretarial support?

    Would you prefer to dedicate all your time and attention to working rather than boring procedural issues?

    Do you feel you don’t have enough time to get back to all your clients?

    Do you frequently forget to send out essential business documents, emails, faxes and SMS, make presentations or simply write letters due to your workload?

    Are you lacking the necessary technology?


    The work to be done is always more than the time available to do it! ‘My Office’ offers you time and the organisational support you need every day to meet your business needs. This will generate multiple benefits for you:

    • More available time for work on management / development issues
    • You are released from secretarial / executive tasks such as:
    • Scheduling meetings, making / changing / cancelling appointments
    • Keeping a log of phone calls / memos
    • Outsourcing work – issues – orders
    • Responding to queries, problem-solving, issuing instructions
    • Typing, text editing – translation / presentations / letters / reports
    • Handling documents and emails / sending – receiving envelopes, faxes, emails and SMS
    • Information searches
    • PR (cards, gifts, press releases, etc.).
    • More telephone coverage time.
    • You are released from management and staff absence problems (illness, leave, pregnancy, etc.).
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Reduced operating costs and equipment expenditure
    • Time pressures evaporate thanks to more rapid handling of operations
    • Improved professional mobility

    The virtual office service brings increased productivity and thus depreciates its cost in a very short time! Focus on the value and quality of our services, by studying carefully the features and benefits that we provide and you get.

    The cost is significantly lower than that of an exclusive secretariat which requires office space, equipment, personnel, maintenance, accounts etc. At the same time, you will not be concerned about employee leaves, absences due to illness etc.

    We offer a solution to the economic crisis, because the packages we offer start from 29 € per month, with fixed charge depending on the telephone traffic of each subscriber. Every month, we will send you a detailed account of all individual charges and depending on the use, we will recommend you the best package adjusted to your requirements and needs.

    And the 1st month is a free trial period of the virtual office service by My Office.

    Think that a lost phone call may be a lost client!

    For more information have a look at our virtual office service pricelist on the site which provides explanatory information.

    Our goal is to build together a long-term cooperative relationship.

    Therefore we begin with an offer of confidence which is applicable only for February: Contact us at or fill out the form and get the SPECIAL OFFER “one month for free” for the first 2 months of virtual office Support by My Office!

    The purpose of the offer is to experience the breadth of our services with the lowest possible cost.
    We relieve the professional, we support the businessman!