The Company

My Office has been offering remote secretarial services through Telephony & Internet/Telesecretary Services (Virtual Office), since 2008.

Our company aims to provide high quality services at affordable prices, through the use of advanced telecommunication and internet technologies. Our services are addressed to both professionals (doctors, lawyers, mechanics, engineers, architects, brokers, consultants, insurers, etc.) and companies all over Greece that don’t have a secretary or they need additional support.

In My Office we possess the required know-how and the appropriate infrastructure to successfully serve large companies such as BHS Household Appliances S.A. and PARFUMS CHRISTIAN DIOR HELLAS S.A.

We simplify your professional life!

Aiming to become the ideal and irreplaceable secretariat for you nationwide, we focus on new technologies and creative ideas. Thus, we provide you with high-quality personalized services that can satisfy your professional needs at any time, instantly and effectively! My Office representatives are characterized by reliability and absolute discretion, offering you a fully equipped office at a really low cost.

According to a survey we conducted, more than 50% of professionals and entrepreneurs agree that My Office services are absolutely necessary for their professional activities, since their professional needs are not covered by the existing “Call Centers”. With the remote secretariat services My Office intends to “set professionals free”, offering flexibility that contributes to a better time management making them more competitive and effective than ever before!

Our Vision

Our Vision is to play a leading role in our field, becoming the “ideal and irreplaceable secretary” of our clients nationwide, through the implementation of new technologies, quality services and creative ideas.

Our mission is to provide our clients with high-quality remote secretarial services through Telephony & Internet Technologies, with consistency and professionalism.

Our philosophy is our development to be directly related to the success and growth of our clients. Therefore, the satisfaction of our clients’ expectations through personalized services as well as the constant search for new technological solutions and innovative proposals is always our first priority.

Our goal is to continually upgrade My Office’s quality according to the constantly changing secretarial needs. We wish to offer a “secretary” with great professionalism to our external partners as well as a contemporary “office” with a pleasant and friendly environment for our internal partners.

Virtual office / Secretarial support

The purpose of the offer is to get to know the breadth of our services with the lowest possible cost. Whether you are a businessman or self-employed, in times of economic crisis you are looking for smart ways to save time and money. And because many times you just have to work smart, not hard, virtual office services is a smart choice.

The virtual office service is basically an outsourcing model that assigns to a third partner the electronic and telephone communication with your customers and various other practical issues. Essentially, with the virtual office service the company/the self-employed acquires a conventional secretary who is away – outside the company’s head quarters, providing her services from a distance.

Why you may need virtual office services

The reasons are many. Indicatively, we mention the following:

  • You are self-employed (doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect, consultant, insurance agent, etc.) and do not have time to serve all your customers.
  • You run a small business and can not afford the costof an exclusive secretarial support (services and infrastructure)
  • Professionally you are activeonlyduring certain months oftheyear, so itis not in your interest to employpermanent staff.


Do you want to create new communication channels with the market, but also to find new ways regarding your sales? Then, one way to achieve this is to follow a successful Telemarketing strategy.

When we refer to telemarketing, we mean all those marketing processes which, through telephone communication, aim to:

  • Direct achievement of sales – revenues
  • The creation of conditions that will lead to future sale – revenues (scheduling of a meeting – professional appointment)
  • The collection of useful data in order to achieve corporate goals.

Telephone is the tool that balances the lack of “face to face” interpersonal communication. Nowadays it is possible to sell everything over the phone, but why many Telemarketing services do not achieve their goal?

The truth is that the telemarketing process, while it initially seems simple, it requires a high degree of specialization, professionalism and proper training.

In My Office we have efficient staff, trained by us, to bring you the immediate results that you want.

With the Telemarketing service of My Office we undertake:

  • Telephone campaigns of outgoing calls with targeted approach from a selected contact list.
  • Phone calls for “follow-up” (in continuance) of promotional activities, direct marketing actions, etc. in order to achieve immediate results (sales).

At the beginning of the campaign, we offer FREE trial period for testing its efficiency.

We are available 16 hours daily (Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 24:00).

IVR Autodialer Campaign

Do you want to achieve effective communication with your customers? The Service IVR-Autodialer Campaign by My Office now gives you this possibility.

Based on a particular list provided by you, we call all recipients and transmit your recorded message.

We consider each customer as special, unique case. For this reason, we have developed the service IVR-Autodialer Campaign so that we can be adapted each time to your needs and to your “wishes”.

Here are four scenarios of further management and service by using the service IVR-Autodialer Campaign:

  • 1. The calledparty have the ability (by pressing the corresponding key on their telephone handset) to hear your message again. Ideal solution for promotions, pre-election campaigns, mass notification and information actions.
  • 2. The calledparty can either rehear the message, or connect with one of your/our representatives. Then, the call is automatically diverted to the phone number you have stated. Perfect solution for Promotions with bidirectional communication, Telemarketing & Telesales, Voice Conferencing.
  • 3. The calledparty may either rehear the message, or leave a recorded message, which you will receive by email to the email address you have stated. Perfect solution for the Coordination of Working Groups, mass notification and information actions.
  • 4. The Survey Campaign of the Autodialer service, calls all recipients and transmits a multiple choice questionnaire which you have already created. The calledparty answers questions by pressing the appropriate keys on their telephone handset. The results of the questionnaire are automatically collected and presented altogether with graphs. Perfect solution for Surveys & Polls, votings.

And because in My Office we do not want to leave anything to chance, if you want the calledparty to be connected with your representative, after the recorded message (Scenario 2), we can support your communication with our virtual office service!

Transcription Services

Do you have in your tape recorder the interview that you just got, the conference proceedings or even your own narrative? And now who will spend time to hear the tape and transport them in Word; Exactly. Transcription requires concentration, timing and precision.

The “bet” for each transcription is the precise conversion of the audio file to text without the words losing their expressiveness and power.

In My Office we are aware of that and this is what we do. We can transcript any audio file in Greek or English language in the form and time you want.

We undertake the transcription of:

  • Narratives
  • Any type of audio file (in CD, cassette, Wav, mp3 etc.)
  • Speeches
  • Meeting proceedings
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Telephone conferences

Because transcription requires knowledge and experience, we invite you to try us. How? Bring us your file and we’ll undertake for FREE the transcription of a sample of it.

  • If you are satisfied and you assign your project to us (for audio files over 5 hours), we will print it, book bind it with care and send it for FREE directly to your workspace.
  • If, on the other hand, you are fond of digital technology, we send the file to your place on a CD.

In My Office we provide professional and reliable services on time and affordable pricing (from 40 € / hour).

We are available 16 hours daily (Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 24:00).

FAX Services

Have you ever thought of approaching your clients via fax; If not, rethink it for the following reasons:

  • Sending a fax is a direct, fast and effective way to convey the message you want to your client.
  • You can include a sufficient amount of text in the fax in order to achieve an effective advertising campaign.
  • Just because it is printed, the fax draws recipient’s attention. It’s there, in front of him: it is Printed and he sees it.

What we offer at My Office

Apart from packages which are economical and customized to Meet your needs, we are fond of the quality and aesthetic content. Maintaining or increasing your clientele can not be a random process. For this reason we work with experienced copywriters and graphic designers who will “dress” the text with images aiming to achieve the best result for you.

By approaching targeted contacts of a selected list, the fax campaign is designed by MyOffice in such a way that:

  • It promotes products and services of your choice to the existing clientele.
  • It attracts new customers for new products and services.
  • You maintain contact with your clientele: In what way? Making an efficient and discreet follow-up after Direct Mail, events and other promotional activitiesthat you have previously done.

We are available for you 16 hours daily. (Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 24:00). Make a simple ” “dring” … at 210 51 58 500 or fill out the form at Click2Calland we will call you directly! “Fax” if you want to “Fix” your sales!

Translation & Verification Services

How many times haven’t you tried to translate a text in a foreign language, and you “stumbled” on structural and expressive mistakes?

If you want a reliable and professional translation, trust your text to our specialized staff. The certification of our services with ISO9001 is a loud indication of the quality of the provided services. Our translation department consists of a wide network of professional translators in Greece and abroad.

We are available 16 hours daily (Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 24:00). What we undertake? Translation of the desired text in any language and with any content (medical, legal, technical, economic, literary, etc.). We cover all the official European and Asian languages as well as specialized terminologies.

Also note! For translations of over 20 pages, we provide the printing and bookbinding for FREE or we send it on a CD. And all this, on your doorstep, without additional charge.

SMS Services

Your attention is always focused on your customers? Well done. The challenge for any business, and for us, is to maintain or increase the existing clientele and its satisfaction at any time and moment.

But how can I increase my sales?

The answer is that doesn’t require much effort but… the right way. One of these ways is the mass SMS campaigns (SMS marketing/bulk messaging).

Think: Who does not have a mobile phone today?

Sending an SMS is an easy, direct, fast and very suitable means of promoting products to the consumer/client.

What we offer in MyOffice

Knowledge – experience – cooperation with experienced copywriters. Why? Because we want the message that will be created for you, to be adjusted to the needs of your campaign and to attract the attention of your customers. We do not “spam” but.. we “Tagg” your customers.

By reaching targeted contacts of a selected list, the mass SMS campaign is designed in such a way by MyOffice so that:

  • It promotes products and services that you want, to the existing clientele.
  • It attracts new customers, for new products and services.
  • You Keep “warm” and live your relationship with your existing clientele. In what way? By creating an efficient and discreet follow-up campaign after direct-mail, events and other promotional activities that you have previously done.

Are you ready? Come find us (available 16 hours daily Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 24:00) and start your “campaign”!

Mass EMAIL – Newsletter Campaigns

You want to approach effectively your existing and potential clients but you do not know how?

One way is to send informational emails or newsletters.

But how many times you personally haven’t received boring and tedious emails for products or services? The answer is probably “many”.

And because “Content is the King” in My Office we are well aware of that and we do so on your behalf.

Having experienced copywriters and graphic designers, we make sure that your newsletters are read by their recipients and they do not end up in the waste bin.

And why can’t I do it on my own?

By using applications such as the Outlook or Windows Live etc. that are installed on our computer you can send bulk emails.

But the bulk sending of emails bothers the providers, because it is a burden on their network and depending on the sending volume, they interrupt the delivery or even the ability to send emailfrom your account as their subscribers.

By assigning us to send mass emails, to a customer list selected by you, you do not run these risks.

And finally… what do I win?

The answer lies in a key word for your business: sales.

With mass emails campaigns you achieve:

  • Promotion of products / services to existing clientele.
  • Attracting clients to promote new products / services.
  • Maintenance – activating of existing clientele.
  • Follow-up to direct mail, events and other promotional activities.

Handling of conventional correspondence

You sit at your desk and you are frustrated about the correspondence you must organize and send? It makes sense.

For a business, time is money. In My Office we are aware of that, that’s why we have developed a special service of conventional correspondence handling for our customers.

By undertaking the handling of conventional correspondence:

  • We write letters and post them to the recipients, on your behalf.
  • We send envelopes to the recipients that you indicate to us, notifying you and the recipient by email or by SMS.
  • We send mass mail - invitations by follow-up (calling recipients).
  • We dispatch by courier.

Contact us 16 hours daily (Monday - Sunday 8:00 - 24:00) and put an end to your suffering.

E-mail Management

You connect to your email account and a “pile” of emails is right there waiting for you? Put an end to the hassle and assign to us the management of your email.

What we offer with our service:

  • We answer your incoming messages on your behalf
  • We filter – sort your incoming e-mail messages
  • We inform you with aggregate reports
  • We forward specific messages you indicate to us to your customers
  • We accept dictation regarding your answers or the sending of new messages tailored to meet your needs and wishes.

We are available 16 hours daily (Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 24:00) to make your business life easier!

Digitalization of Documents

Information management is crucial and integral part of your professional activity. We undertake the digitalization of your documents in order to organize your information flow more efficiently in electronic format. In that way you reduce operational costs and save storage space, working in a paperless environment.

Through document digitalization services, My Office makes your files directly accessible and much easier to organize. Due to our experience, reliability, confidentiality, and contemporary equipment, we achieve optimal digitalization results and we guarantee the protection of your data.

Time increment billing of client-to-business phone calls

Do you provide telephone consultation to your clients? If so, we recommend using premium numbers, which you can charge your customers per minute.

Your clients wishing to contact you, will call a specific number (form 9011 40xxxx) which will be activated by us and will belong exclusively to you. Their call through the systems of MyOffice will be diverted to the urban phone number of your call center that you indicate to us.

Your clients, after being informed of the impending charge, will choose to continue or not. In this way you achieve two things:

  • “filtered” calls: If you are, for example, a lawyer or consultant, you know very well how annoying it is to receive unwanted calls. With the time increment billing service, the one who calls you listens toll-free the relative informational message and if he is really interested, continues his call.
  • By telephone consultation service, you have the flexibility to serve your customers from a distance, earning income.

Do not wait by your handset! Contact us now for further information – clarification and cooperate with us! We are available 16 hours daily (Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 24:00).

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